New York Times front page names of 67 children martyred in Israeli barbarism in Gaza

New York Times front page names of 67 children martyred in Israeli barbarism in Gaza

New York: Just minutes after the start of the Israeli-Palestinian war, a 5-year-old boy was martyred in the Jabalya area of ​​Gaza.  Moments later, four cousins ​​(2-year-old Yazan al-Masri, 6-year-old Marwan al-Masri, 10-year-old Raif al-Masri and 11-year-old Ibrahim al-Masri) were martyred in Beit Hanoun, another area of ​​Gaza.This war crime against humanity was not limited to these 5 children, but the Israeli army continued this game of terror for 11 days. 

According to unbiased initial reports, 67 children under the age of 18 were martyred in those 11 days. Israeli oppression reduced these children to dust with their innocent desires.  The atrocities against Palestinian children have been condemned by every human being who has a small sense of humanity in his heart. The horror of Israeli atrocities can be gauged from the fact that a close ally of Israel, the New York Times, a well-known American newspaper, also named its front page Kachan children in solidarity with these innocent children.

The New York Times wrote on the front page, “The recent conflict in Gaza has killed 67 children under the age of 18 and two children in Israel. These were just children, some of them doctors, artists and some wanted to be leaders.”  ۔ The full report, entitled “They Were Only Children”, details the 67 children martyred.

Mahmood Talabi, a 12-year-old intelligent boy in his class, wanted to be a mechanical engineer but he was martyred before that.  Maryam Abu Khattab, 7, who was old enough to play with dolls, fell asleep with her doll.  Each picture tells the story of Israeli atrocities.

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