Imran Abbas is shocked and upset about his four marriages on YouTube

Imran Abbas is shocked and upset about his four marriages on YouTube

Karachi: Actor Imran Abbas is fed up with YouTubers who have arranged his fourth marriage.  Imran Abbas has also hinted at taking action against the YouTube channels which spread false news about him on which the news of his fake marriage runs.

Various YouTube channels on YouTube often give false and fabricated news about artists to get ideas, likes and attention.  A few days ago, actor Imran Abbas also fell victim to this fake news when the news of his and actress Ashna Shah’s wedding went viral on YouTube.  Taking note of this, Imran Abbas shared screenshots of fake news on his social media account and said that he took some of them as a joke.

But now YouTube has arranged not one but four fake marriages with different actresses on which Imran Abbas is also upset.

Actor Imran Abbas shared screen shots of various YouTube channels on his Facebook account in which fake news of his marriage with actress Aliza Shah, Ashna Shah, Sabur Ali and Urva Hussain has been given.  Actor Imran wrote with these screenshots, “With Aliza Shah, Saboor, Ashna and now Urva Hussain, I have had four marriages since January 2021. Bloggers have no other subject? Or do they think  That I have no other work?

Can we take action against these bloggers  It is really embarrassing to associate the name of any female actress with her fellow star or her friend.  I urge you all to at least unsubscribe such YouTube channels, bloggers and social media pages.”

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