Microsoft Windows 11 is out with some great features

Microsoft Windows 11 is out With some great features

Microsoft Windows 11 is out with some great features

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Windows 11. Windows users have been waiting impatiently since this announcement.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, it was claimed that no new Windows would be introduced, but that the same window would be updated, which is why Windows 10 sold out.

But six years later, Microsoft suddenly announced Windows 11, and the leaked version didn’t seem to have much in common.

But now Microsoft has officially launched Windows 11 in a special event and now the features that have come out have surprised the users. The most notable feature is that Android apps will also run on Windows 11.

According to Microsoft, it is using Amazon’s App Store to bring Android apps to Windows 11. These apps will be added to the new Windows Store and can be used not only in the taskbar but also with regular Windows apps.

Microsoft is also working with Intel to make Intel Bridge technology a reality. Android apps also work well on computers with AMD and ARM.

Android apps on Windows 11 are actually what Apple has to offer to compete with its M1 chip on the Mac operating system to offer the ability to run iOS apps.

Although many alternatives to mobile apps are found on desktops, they have their own weaknesses and flaws, but there are also many apps like SnapChat that only run on smartphones.

During the event, there was a hands-on demonstration of running an app like Tick Talk on Windows 11, during which Ring, Yahoo, Uber and other apps were also shown in the Windows Store. It is not yet clear how many devices on Windows 11 will be able to support Android apps.

Microsoft Windows 11 has been called the faster, better and more secure version, with new themes, new styles and new sounds. It is said to be a faster operating system than Windows 10.

Other notable features include the taskbar theme and the Start menu.

No public release date for Windows 11 has been announced yet, only that it will be released later this year during the holiday season.

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