Tiktok banned in Pakistan 2021 once again

Tiktok banned in Pakistan once again

Tiktok banned in Pakistan once again

ISLAMABAD / KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has banned tiktok across the country and ordered PTA to close the application immediately.

A single bench comprising Justice Kausar Sultana Hussain heard a petition filed by Mohammad Kamran Mujeeb on the social media application Tik Tok regarding immoral content.

Barrister Asad Ashfaq, counsel for the petitioner, contended that tik tok operators were told not to run immoral content but there was no improvement and he also complained to PTA but got no response while tik tok  Videos are spreading immortality.

The petitioner said that videos were being played which were against the culture and religious principles of the country.  Homosexuality has recently been touted with pride.  He also contacted the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority several times.  But the complaint was not heard.  TikTok was earlier banned by the Peshawar High Court.  However, immoral and un-Islamic content has not been removed from TikTok. 

Therefore, it is requested that action be taken against Tik Tok. The court ordered the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to suspend the operation of the social media application Tik Tok in Pakistan.  The court issued notices to the Deputy Attorney General, Chairman PTA and other respondents, including the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, to submit their responses by July 8. A petition was also filed in the Supreme Court against Tik Tok. 

Meanwhile, a petition was also filed in the Supreme Court seeking a ban on tik-tok.  The petitioner claimed that the Tik Tok app was promoting crime, as well as people uploading videos using drugs and weapons on Tik Tok.

The petitioner pleaded that the use of tik tok in educational institutions is deteriorating the environment, people are also making videos of attempts like suicide in order to gain popularity on tik tok, so it should be banned and the government should  Content should be censored and a system set up for it.

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